B-Cube is an initiative developed by Hellenic American University and Envolve Entrepreneurship that offers physical, networking, and mentoring resources for innovation and entrepreneurship.

In addition to providing open co-working space, B-Cube organizes talks by business experts, competitions, and workshops on design thinking, entrepreneurial venturing, and other topics of interest to innovators and promising entrepreneurs.

Support for Innovation

The B-Cube Lab

The B-Cube Lab is both a physical, open co-working space and a focal point for supporting the growth of design thinking across Hellenic American University. Through workshops, competitions, simulations, and other activities it organizes, participants—students and faculty alike—tackle real, complex problems and develop skills in design thinking that they can then apply to their course work, clubs, or teaching.

Startup Internship Program

The Startup Internship Program awards internship support for selected Hellenic American University students with a passion for entrepreneurship and a desire to pursue an entrepreneurial career. Selected students spend the summer internship at a local startup. This program aims to offer financial assistance to students who would otherwise seek unpaid or underpaid summer internships at startup companies.

B-Cube Venture Program

The Venture Program helps innovative venturing concepts reach the launching stage. The Venture Program connects young innovators with a network of specialists, and support systems to provide resources to develop their startup initiative. The program is available to teams of at least one enrolled, degree-seeking undergraduate or graduate student at Hellenic American University and operates during both fall and spring semesters.