B-Cube Entrepreneurial Experiences

B-Cube Entrepreneurial Experiences is a monthly series of 30-minute talks by thought leaders from business, government, and the nonprofit sector. Guests share insights on contemporary business topics and stories of the opportunities and challenges they faced that led to real business success.

How-to Business Workshops

How-to Business Workshops is a monthly series of experiential learning workshops led by academics and senior executives who provide insights into strategies, approaches, and practices for business and management, engaging participants in activities and discussions that help them grow as leaders.

Designing at B-Cube

Designing at B-Cube is a monthly series of design seminars, studio sessions, and design challenges and studio sessions. Design Seminars are short-term courses taught by prominent academic and business experts in design, who explore the dynamic and integrative nature of design in addressing real-world challenges. Studio Sessions are immersive workshops that help participants gain hands-on experience in acquiring and enhancing design skills sets. Design Challenges brings together a team of designers, experts, and storytellers to focus on a complex problem in human-centered design.

Students Talk

Students Talk is a monthly series of talks organized and delivered by students at the Hellenic American University. At Students Talk, students deliver inspirational talks on their areas of interest, from science and technology to finance, music, and the humanities.